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IRC Bot written in C


Why write an ircbot?
Why not?

Why in C?
At first, the bot was initially a proof of concept that I could write something decent in C.
Overall it has helped me learn many concepts that I would not otherwise learn in a classroom.

Is there a Windows/Win32 version?
No, not at the moment, but I expect to write one/port this eventually.

Can you add <…> feature?
Not directly, in the interests of keeping the bot small and light. However I can add it as a module and credit you with the idea. Submit the idea either to the mailing list (circebot-main [at], or to my SF e-mail (worldwise001 [at]

Can I use Circe with pisg?
Sure you can. Enable raw IRC logging (-r or –raw), and then set pisg to generate statistics using pircbot format, using the appropriate raw log file.

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